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AllSports Productions, LLC is your event production team. We started in Miami and are currently located in Downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We are a dedicated, multi-talented team of professional event planners and organizers producing quality, successful events since 1995. During the past dozen or so years AllSports has produced or has been an integral part of, corporate events, fishing tournaments, film production (Miami Vice, the movie), boat shows drawing thousands of spectators, to events drawing over 250,000 spectators.

Specializing in Boat Shows, AllSports has a combined 100+ years of experience within the Marine Industry. Also, with its affiliation to one of the leading boating magazines in the Southern United States and the Caribbean, AllSports Productions, LLC offers its clients the accessibility to easily reach an affluent market of boating enthusiast.

Additionally, Allsports Productions has a large inventory of floating docks and is fully equipt to create anything from a simple platform to a complete functioning marina.