your event production team

Located in Pompano Beach, Florida, we are an experienced team of creatives, planners, and operational professionals producing exciting events since 1995. Offering a wide range of services from simple dock rental services to fully managed private and public events. From concept to onsite installation and management and everything in between is handled by in-house staff. Specializing in the ability to scale to fit any request and budget.

Floating Dock Rentals

Providing services to create anything from a simple platform, or party barge, to a complete functioning marina. We offer a full fleet of dock rentals available in two different sizes. 8’ wide x 25’ long and 10’ wide x 25’ long. We also offer pilings from 25’ to 50’ long to secure the docks to the bottom surface. Additional accessories include railings, ramps, carpeted deck, electric services, and lighting.  AllSports Productions is here to make your business, charity or personal event spectacular.

Shows & Events

Specializing in consumer events and shows, in-water or on land. Your answer to a seamless event so all your guests can sit back, relax, and enjoy the festivities. You will work with a talented group of experts that handle every detail including location, food, entertainment, logistics, and unique features to make your event special. A wide variety of possibilities to fit any size or budget, conferences, corporate luncheons, award receptions, grand openings, product launches or demo events, sales meetings, or in-water displays – anything is possible with AllSports Productions.