Port of Miami, FL

AllSports Productions, LLC was contracted by the prestigious, Lara Beth production firm to create a 16×25 foot boarding platform for the mega-yacht “Bravo Eugenia” that was docked at the Port of Miami for the Super Bowl LIV game. This 357-foot mega-yacht, worth more than $250 million according to Forbes, is owned by Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones. The boarding platform was used to facilitate safe and easy boarding on and off the mega-yacht during the Super Bowl Live event at Bayfront Park. The platform was skim coated with plywood to create a smooth and stylish finish. It also included a lit-railing with rope to ensure safety for guests. This job took our team one day to set up, was in-use for about one week, and was broken down in one day.

Boarding Platform for Mega-yacht Bravo Eugenia
Boarding Platform side-view for Mega-yacht Bravo Eugenia